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Carpet cleaning

Carpets can quickly collect dirt, bacteria, dust mites and allergens.  Everything you step on or in in the outside world can make its way back to your carpet. In addition to making your carpet dirty, these contaminants can actually pollute the air you breathe every day. Even when your carpets look clean, they may be dirtier than you think.

Dirt and contaminants can also shorten the life of your carpet – which is why many carpet manufacturers require at least once-a-year cleaning from a hot water extraction system to maintain your warranty.

Zion Carpet and Restoration in Tri-Cities

Using dry steam cleaner to sanitize floor carpet.

For two generations Zion Carpet has provided the absolute best in carpet cleaning services in and around the Tri-Cities.  Utilizing the most advanced truck-mounted steam cleaning system in Eastern Washington, Zion Carpet provides a deep down clean with no sticky residue – which means your carpets stay cleaner longer. And with unmatched attention to detail, we treat your home like it’s our own.

Other services provided:

  • Tile cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Carpet repairs & restretching
  • Odor and stain removal
  • Dust and Mite Control

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